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COVID-19 created a cultural shift for adolescents who now prefer to live in the digital world.  

At this time, parents and adolescents are dealing with the long-term consequences since excessive technology use has become a 21st century behavioral issue. 

Since the pandemic, screen use has increased for adolescents by 17% (Common Sense Census, 2021).

Source: Statista, 2023
Age Group

This graph illustrates parents' reports of the rise in children's screen use pre and post      COVID-19.

Screen time differences across racial, ethnic, and income groups in adolescents were amplified during the COVID-19 pandemic and may be due to structural and systemic racism. (Nagata et al., 2021)

Children of color and those from lower-income families reported more hours on screens than their white, wealthier peers. (Nagata et al., 2021)

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