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Here is what the experts have to say...

At this time, there is limited research on defining and terming the clinical criteria for Technology Use Disorder. Some doctors and researchers have narrowly defined technology use disorder including:

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Led research projects on the roles of media and technology in children and families lives

 Michael Robb

  Head of Research at Common Sense

Research Program

Boy Checking his Phone

Screen addiction is  negative behaviors and outcomes that happen daily when we use too much technology.

Dr. Kathryn Lorenz




Addiction is a term used to describe the growing number of children engaging in different screen activities in a dependent, problematic manner that impacts their ability to function.

Dr. Aric Sigman




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Screen use can become an addiction if it becomes uncontrollable and damages your health and relationships.

Edward Luker

   Counselor, Psychiatry & Psychology


While these professional’s definitions are helping to push the field forward on this critical topic for research, these definitions remain vague and unclear.

Watch This Video to Learn More About My Research and For a Thorough Clinical Definition of Technology Use Disorder

Dr. Heather Chelton, DSW, LCSW, CCS

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